Scratch No More Unique Floor Protection

The innovative and flexible furniture glider system to protect all types of floors from scratches and damage.

High end floor protection to keep your floors looking beautiful - It's not always what something costs, it's what it saves.

Over 15 Thousand units sold so far in the UK - New Stock Arriving Every Week

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absolutely scratch-free | resistant to moisture | 100% Silencing | Removes irritating dragging noise created by moving furniture |easy to fit

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Scratchnomore, New to the UK but used worldwide it is the modern furniture glider system that offers the perfect solution to protect valuable floors from scratches and wear whilst eliminating noise. Thanks to its flexibility it can be adapted to every type of chair and other furniture.

Sustainable | Absolutely scratch-free | Silencing | One time assembly of basic part

FootClick 25mm

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  • Our Best Seller
  • Ideal for existing wooden straight legs.
  • Only needs fixing once
  • Easy to fit the Protection Part
  • 100% Silencing
  • Last up to 24 months

Footfix Wood 28mm

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  • Can be used on all existing wooden furniture legs that are slightly angled due to the unique ball joint pivot.
  • Easy to fit the Protection Part
  • 100% Totally Silencing
  • Lasts up to - 24 months
  • Added Height once fitted 8- 12 mm


  • Can be used metal glider bars
  • 12mm - 16mm - 19mm - 22mm - 25mm
  • Easy to fit the Protection Part
  • 100% Totally Silencing
  • Lasts up to - 24 months

FootFix Hollow.

  • Can be used metal hollow legs
  • Small -Medium - Large
  • Easy to fit the Protection Part
  • 100% Totally Silencing
  • Lasts up to - 24 months
  • Added Height once fitted 8- 12 mm

Multi Fix x 4 - For flat rectangle chairs and tables

  • Can be used to stick where unable to screw in due to the strong adhesive.
  • 50mm x 25mm
  • Can be used with all furniture where floor protection is necessary
  • One time fixation because of very powerful double-sided tape and 2 screws
  • Easily replaceable protection part
  • Protection part can be ordered separately

Why Felt & Plastic Doesn't Work.

Why Scratch No More Works.

  • When felt gets wet, it takes on sand and dust, result: scratches on the floor
  • After three months you have to replace it
  • If you don’t replace the felt on time, the screw will make scratches on the floor
  • When felt is glued to the chair it comes off easily because of sliding of the seat
  • The adhesive layer leaves marks that are difficult to remove
  • replacing the felt every 3 months, which is labor-intensive

Plastic Teflon

  • A hard shell on a hard floor doesn’t work
  • Teflon already scratches with one grain of sand
  • When furniture with hard plastic protection gets moved this makes a lot of irritating noise.

  • The solution against scratch damage on floors
  • In contrast to the current standard of felt and teflon, Scratch no More protection doesn’t scratch!
  • The material of Scratch no More products is much more sustanaible then felt, that is the current standard
  • Scratch no More is a completely developed protection system
  • One time assembly of the universal basic part
  • 100% reduces the irritating noise of chairs being dragged.