We had a high end solid oak floor laid with an island and solid high bar chairs. Within 2 weeks the chairs had scratched the floor badly with the manufactures foot protectors of the chairs. We sourced Scratch No More products over 12 months ago and since then the floor has remained in pristine condition. (Just wish I had found them sooner) excellent product easy to fit.

Rob Young

Commercial Director - Engie. (Footclick 31mm)

Hello Glenn,
We received the footfix protectors and are very pleased . I had no trouble fitting the 24 protectors on six chairs without any problem. We are very happy with them.

Guy Nash – Domestic. (Footfix 28mm)

Hi Glenn.

Thanks for sending out the gliders. The noise from the chairs in canteen on the tiles was becoming unbearable. These have totaley removed and silenced the grating noise and made the whole canteen a much more pleasant environment.

Mark Thomas - Comercial Canteen Manager (Foot Fix Hollow)

Hi Glenn.

Thanks for your email. We are so glad we found these. We spent a fortune on our floor and were so worried the chairs were ruining it. So glad we found them.


Susie - Domestic (Chair Fix 21mm)