Hi Glenn.Thanks for sending out the gliders. The noise from the chairs in canteen on the tiles was becoming unbearable. These have totaley removed and silenced the grating noise and made the whole canteen a much more pleasant environment.Mark Thomas - Commercial Canteen Manager (Foot Fix Wood)

Head Office in The Netherlands

FootClick 2 or FootFix Wood

Available in four variuos sizes

Wooden Chair / Table Leg.

When deciding between the footfix wood and the footclick 2 there is very little difference and both use virtually the same protective end cap. The difference is the footclick 2 has a flat disc that screws into the base of the chair which is ideal if the leg is straight. The footfix wood has a small ball joint that screws into the chair making sure if the leg is at a slight angle the protective end cap is always flat / horizontal to the floor.

Chair Fix

Available in 12, 16, 19, 22 and 25mm.

Metal Glider Bar Chairs / Tables


Can be used on all furniture with gliders. Available for diameters 12, 16, 19, 22 and 25mm.

  • For furniture with or without pre drilled holes, because of the simple removable pin.
  • Robust fitting that cannot come off when moved
  • Totally silencing.
  • Doesn't cause friction damage to floor coatings

Hollow Leg Chairs and Tables

  • Can be used on all hollow furniture legs with internal measurement 10-30mm
  • Can be used for legs with an angle (max. 30 degrees)
  • Only needs fixing once
  • Easy to fit the Protection Part
  • Spare protection parts can be ordered easily and separately


50mm x 25mm / 2" x 1"

Square Table Legs.

  • Can be used with all furniture where floor protection is necessary
  • One time fixation because of very powerful double-sided tape and 2 screws
  • Easily replaceable protection part
  • Protection part can be ordered separately